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Premier Rugby Final

Offering a unique perspective on the Premiership Rugby Final

The Task

Aviva, sponsors of the Rugby Premiership Final, wanted to connect with a wider audience while raising awareness of their work with ‘Tackling Numbers’, a charity that encourages children to develop their skills with numbers, in a fun and rewarding way. We proposed a 360º video for social media that captured the action of the match and offered a perspective for viewers that’s usually reserved for a privileged few, combined with an uplifting message about the charity. To make it all happen, we teamed up with Ricoh, a technology partner of the event, to create a custom 360º rig with their action cameras to support the multiple camera rigs we’d be using to film the event.

The Process

With four different rigs up and running, we took three crews to the match to make sure every moment was captured from every angle. From the moment the players arrived to the awarding of the cup, we worked seamlessly to ensure everything was recorded. Time was of the essence – we needed to get the video out there while the match was still alive in people’s minds – so we turned around the stitching of the footage and post-production in just three days and it was shared on social media shortly after.

The outcome

The experience shows the match day build up, with crowds and teams arriving, the opening ceremony, match footage, half-time entertainment and the team celebrations – all in an immersive 360° video. The completed video was shared through Aviva and Ricoh’s social media channels to a fantastic response, with over 400,000 views – tripling its engagement target.

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