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Absolute Freedom

Harley riders’ stories from the heart of the Eurofestival

The Task

Every year the French Riviera plays host to thousands of Harley Davidson riders. The Eurofestival is a three-day event which sees individuals from all over the road take to the roads of St Tropez and celebrate the best of being part of ‘the best motorcycle club in the world’. It’s a unique feeling and one that Archant Dialogue, Harley’s content agency, wanted to share.

The Process

We created a 360° video experience that not only captures the setting and events of the festival, but explores the exhilaration different Harley riders feel when they take to the road. Weaving scenes from the festival in with the stories, told through voiceovers, we captured from the event – we celebrated the spirit of the Harley brand and the exhilaration of the open road.

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