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An epic representation of the thrills awaiting at Lotus Driving Academy

The Task

Lotus Driving Academy offers a series of driving, training and heritage experiences for Lotus at a dedicated track in Hethel. Courses range from a three-day intensive driving experience under world-class instructors to make sure Lotus owners get the maximum performance from their car, to a ‘Scare yourself Sensible’ experience that encompasses a factory tour and an exhilarating trip around the track. With a range of options in between, Lotus Driving Academy offers high speed thrills behind the wheel of an iconic sports car. So where did we come in? We were tasked with creating a promo that gave potential customers a glimpse of the excitement in store and got them signing up for a course.

The Process

We decided to create an epic 360º video that would place viewers in the heart of the action, while showing off both the white-knuckle driving and the sheer scale of the track. We attached 360º camera rigs to both a Lotus Elise and Lotus Exige and captured them hurtling around the track – from slaloms to dramatic overtakes. Then we filmed the action from above using a drone – capturing awesome aerial shots that showed not only the cars speeding their way but also the size of the track, from the long straights to the tight corners – a driver’s paradise. The video will be shared online and shown via headset as part of Lotus Driving Academy’s marketing campaign.

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