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The Task

Scantech Offshore are market leaders for offshore and well test support services. They asked us to create an engaging and immersive sales tool, which would allow potential users to explore the capabilities and differences between their Zone II and Rigsafe compressor products. We needed to enable customers to inspect the air compressors and gain an understanding of the relevant safety features, while demonstrating the risks of using the equipment in an impactful way.

The Process

We decided to use VR to place users in an impossible scenario – the moment of an offshore explosion. This offered a unique opportunity for customers to examine the products and determine their suitability as if they were really there. The experience could be viewed via Samsung Gear VR headsets, Google Cardboard and through a smartphone app. Using a combination of voiceover and information overlays, we gave viewers the knowledge and demonstrations they needed to understand and assess Scantech’s products in an unforgettable way. Mindful of achieving the best possible return on client investment, we used an innovative multi-layer render workflow to cut post-production costs by half without compromising on quality.

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