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The Task

The coronavirus pandemic fundamentally changed how nearly all sectors conduct their business almost overnight. But some agencies, like borne™, were already looking ahead to see how they could continue to support their property clientele and showcase properties while people practise safe social distancing and self-isolation. borne™ came to us. We were tasked with creating a series of virtual tours of different properties using both Matterport technology and 360º video.

The Process

Shortly before the national lockdown came into force, we travelled to two property developments: Canary Quay in central Norwich and Priory Mews in North Norfolk. For both properties, we created a Matterport virtual tour that users can view on their desktop – enabling them to move around the space through their browser, see for themselves what the house is like and use a range of functions, such as measuring parts of the rooms.

For Canary Quay, we also created a 360º video, presented by one of Savills’ estate agents – creating a guided tour that retains the personal feel of the house viewing experience, within the Canary Quay brand. Housed on the websites for each development, the tours are a perfect example of how the housing market can continue, even in these unprecedented times, with the help of immersive technology.

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