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The Task

Ness Point in Lowestoft is the most easterly point in the UK and home to a rich history that dates back centuries. East Suffolk Council was looking to tell some of the stories from Lowestoft’s varied and fascinating past as part of their rejuvenation of the Ness, a public grassland in the town that was once part of the thriving fishing community.

They commissioned us to create an immersive experience that would help bring some of Lowestoft’s stories to life, which visitors to the newly restored parkland could use to discover more about the many fortunes and challenges Lowestoft has weathered over the years. So we devised an AR app that triggers five different story experiences from interpretation boards positioned around the site, covering key aspects of Lowestoft’s past and giving a glimpse into its future.

The Process

Working with the council, we mapped out a detailed content plan that covered the history of the fishing industry, the impact of conflict, and how the sea shapes both the landscape, the town and its future. Having carried out extensive historical research, we created a series of experiences within each theme to tell different stories in an engaging and informative way – from slideshows of historical photographs to animated content narrated by voiceover to filmed ‘living portraits’ representing historical figures over the years.

For each theme, we designed and modelled a life-size 3D tableau that users of the app could place in the real world. Each tableau was created in an illustrated style and included objects that users tap to trigger the story, with users simply having to move closer to interact with them and see them close-up.

We also designed illustrated unique markers that were incorporated onto the interpretation boards, enabling app users to trigger the content from around the site and relate the stories they hear with the landscape around them.

The Outcome

Encompassing a range of media, including animation, 3D assets, illustration, vintage photographs and 2D film, the Ness AR app offers a treasure trove of information, stories and notable historical facts, which all relate back to the physical location where people can use it. And to challenge users further, we included a quick quiz at the end of each theme – when they complete each quiz correctly, they get to unlock the app’s content and use it anywhere. Available on Android and Apple devices, the app is set to help visitors to the Ness understand the significance of its location and the bright future ahead.

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