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National Football Museum and Wembley


Taking viewers back to an iconic moment in sporting history

The Task

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1966 World Cup the National Football Museum ran a dedicated exhibition. We were tasked with recreating the historic match in VR to enable visitors to celebrate England’s iconic victory as if they were there, with just four weeks to turn around an accurate representation of the iconic event.

The Process

Using old photos, video footage and physical models we created the original stadium in 3D and then filmed actors for the crowd using a 360 degree camera rig, a lot of green screen and a local football stadium. To show the match action, we used motion capture to recreate all the goals and made them viewable both from a static position in the stands and as an action replay. Finally we added a re-recorded commentary over the top and closed the experience with actual footage from the game. Around 300,000 people visited the exhibition, including royalty and original team players. Plus we gained national news coverage and picked up a 2017 DADI nomination for Use of VR.

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