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The Task

Every year, cholera affects millions of people around the world. The disease – spread by ingesting contaminated food or water – can kill in less than 24 hours if left untreated, and many cases are spread by travellers not taking the right precautions. PaxVax develops speciality vaccines for infectious diseases for the travel market. Their cholera vaccine, Vaxchora, is the only single-dose vaccine for cholera currently licensed anywhere in the world. They wanted to create an immersive 360º experience to tell the story of cholera and raise awareness of its effects – and its prevention.

The Process

The video’s main objective is to educate people about the still-current risk of cholera. Split into three parts, the experience takes the user on a journey through the history of cholera and how it spreads, – plunging you under the surface of the Ganges river to a molecular level alongside cholera microbes – before transporting you to a cholera ward today. Using a mixture of CGI and real-life footage, the experience is filled with key stats and figures, and backed up by a powerful voiceover that reminds the user in no uncertain terms of the very real risk of cholera.

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