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The return of a legend

The Task

When Brabham Automotives returned to the world of manufacturing, they did so with a bang. They launched their first product, the BT62 hypercar, at a grand gala in London – but just one car would be available to see. Brabham wanted a way to let their guests see some of the other options available too – so they tasked us with creating both an AR and a VR configurator for guests to use at the event.

The process

The AR configurator allows the user to customise the car in front of them through an iPad – enabling them to flick between colour, wheel and other options to get an instant idea of other versions of the BT62, while comparing it to the model in front of them. The VR configurator goes further – offering more detailed configuration as well as an exhilarating heritage experience that places the viewer in the pit garage of a Grand Prix between the BT62 and the original Formula One car it was inspired by. This configurator doubles up as a sales tool, enabling the Brabham team to take the showroom of this very exclusive car to its buyers worldwide.

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