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Kett’s Rebellion is a key part of England’s history. In 1549 Robert Kett of Wymondham, Norfolk, led a revolt against the government that lasted for two months – culminating in a devastating battle in Norwich. As part of the Wymondham heritage trail we were creating for South Norfolk Council, we also devised a virtual reality retelling of the keys points of the final battle, which users could experience at specific points on the Wymondham Trail – forming part of the overall story.

The Process

The VR experience places users in the heart of the action, enabling them to discover a detailed retelling of one of the defining moment’s of Norfolk’s history as it would have looked and sounded. The story covers the context of the build up and the decisive moments of the battle, drawing on detailed historical research for accuracy.

We laser-scanned different models to create characters, used motion capture for their movements, and modelled the locations – using photogrammetry for some of the key battle sites that are still standing today, such as Elm Hill and Bishops Bridge in Norwich. These were then weaved together into a short film that can be viewed on Windows Mixed Reality headsets at specific installations in Wymondham.

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