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Experiencing the effects of MS

The Task

Roche Pharmaceuticals are committed to developing new and better treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They wanted to use immersive technology to give a new perspective on the impact of this life-changing condition – showing healthcare professionals, patients and members of the public what it’s like to live with MS, as well as presenting the scientific facts about the condition in a way that’s unforgettable.

The Outcome

We developed a combination of 360º video and computer-generated animation to replicate just a few of the many diverse symptoms of MS, such as blurred and double vision, in a virtual environment. Small, simple adjustments in the environment provide an unsettling sensation for even those familiar with the facts of the effects of MS. Then, to compound the initial impact, we took the user on a journey right inside the brain of the patient. We created 3D models of key microscopic elements and animated their behaviours, giving abstract medical concepts tangible form – and helping viewers really understand how MS affects those who live with the condition, and why.

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