What we do

We design and develop bespoke immersive experiences, including VR and mixed reality experiences, AR apps, digital event platforms, interactive installations and much more.

Since 2015, our unique technical expertise has enabled us to deliver ambitious and award-winning projects for clients and agencies worldwide. Whether it’s immersive content creation, AI-powered interactive installations or experiential 4D storytelling, our team has both the skill and the passion to combine cutting-edge tech with creative ideas to make them come alive.

Our specialisms

  • Virtual reality (VR) production and multiplayer free-roam VR

    We produce VR experiences from scratch – building interactive immersive experiences from games to training to entertainment. Plus, we’ve got our very own bespoke free-roam VR system that lets you move freely around a physical space in a shared experience with others.

  • Augmented reality (AR) apps and webAR

    We develop a range of AR experiences that enable you to bring an exciting mix of the virtual and the real to your audiences. From dedicated AR apps to web-based AR experiences, we’re experts in augmenting your brand’s reality.

  • 360 video production

    Our team of experienced filmmakers direct, shoot and create 360 films of real visual impact. Using a combination of filming, 3D modelling, animation and VFX throughout our work ensures the very best quality, supported by expert audio engineering.

  • CGI & 3D modelling

    The skills we need to craft immersive worlds can be applied to a lot more than VR and AR experiences. From digital archiving to photogrammetry to lidar scanning to 3D modelling from scratch, our team includes skilled 3D modellers and digital artists.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) systems

    AI is transformative – creatively and technologically. We’ve long been believers in how it can boost our output, and today we leverage its potential for our clients – creating new immersive experiences that engage, entertain and educate.

  • Virtual event platforms and apps

    Immersive events can take place online, offline or as a mixture of both. We’re specialists in building bespoke browser-based platforms and event apps that enable you to host your target audience, from one-off virtual events to long-term virtual exhibitions.

  • Interactive screens and physical installations

    Whether a one-off event or permanent installation, creative tech gets people coming in. We’re masters in creating experiences for interactive screens, from magic mirrors to games, and our physical installations span from projection mapping to motion simulators.

  • Game development

    Games are a great way to grab an audience’s attention. They introduce a level of fun into brand engagement, but they’re also effective educators. VR and AR offer an ideal platform to play games and we of course create games for mobile devices and touchscreens too.

  • Drone video production

    Aerial footage adds an epic dimension to video, especially 360º video – where the viewer feels like they are flying. Our team includes our qualified drone pilot who’s well-versed in travelling the world and capturing breathtaking aerial footage.

  • Animation, film and media production

    Film and animation are storytelling gold. We are skilled in traditional film production, plus a wide range of animation capabilities spanning traditional and 2D animation to fully 3D CG projects, depending on your needs.

* Don’t see what you’re looking for? Tell us. We may well be able to help.

The way we work

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Introductory phase

Tell us the idea. We’ll create a ballpark proposal that we can tailor together to create the experience you’re after.

Scoping phase

Given the green light, we’ll host one or more workshops with you to nail down the full creative and technological scope, brief and budget.

Scope defined, contract signed

We’ll create a GANTT chart detailing key milestones and full production schedule. Terms are signed and we invoice our deposit (determined during scoping phase).


Creative production gets underway, from concept art to storyboarding to any R&D. You review and sign off the creative as per the agreed schedule and key milestones.


Any filming is completed, 3D assets and art developed and animated, and interactive software developed. Any bespoke hardware is built to spec. Key milestones are signed-off and invoiced.


Footage is stitched, graded and edited. Interactive elements are deployed and QA tested. You review and provide feedback as per the agreed schedule and key milestones.

Sign-off and delivery

With final sign-off from you, we deliver the project – including any installation and on-site deployment. Final invoice is issued.

Ongoing support

As agreed during scoping, we can support you while the project is live, or as per a bespoke warranty to give you peace of mind.

Results and round-up

Post delivery, we love to discuss the results for the benefit of both parties. We can also discuss potential future phases or collaboration following a job well done.

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+44 (0)1603 620562

+44 (0)1603 620562