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26th January 2022

Exploring our own world via the Metaverse

user image Niky Ellison Head of Marketing & Brand Communications

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The Metaverse is being touted as the future, a hot new destination that we should all be clambering to visit. However, there is still so much of our own world that remains to be experienced by most people, the world is vast and plenty of its wonders are inaccessible, unsafe, or too delicate for tourism at scale.

Traveling from home

There is no doubt that the metaverse can offer an unimaginable plethora of experiences but it will take time for them to provide the same mind-broadening experiences that the natural world has become so famous for. As headsets become more available and cheaper, consumers at large begin to adopt aspirations of what the metaverse will become, with all this future thought there is very little regard for what the technology could bring them now.

The very same tools we use to enter the metaverse can be used to share the wonders of our own world, a flight through the Grand Canyon, a submarine tour of the Great Barrier Reef, recently the Team at Infinite Form created a Virtual Tour of the restricted Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh.

VR headsets are just the start, by adding in additional sensory touchpoints like fans and moving seats, we can evolve the experience and create something as true to life as we can whilst never leaving the ground. 

Niky Ellison Head of Marketing & Brand Communications

After moving from town to town in the south of England, Niky found his way to Norwich and then to Infinite Form. Alongside studying Brand Communication at UCA he has busied himself with everything from consulting to being a children's entertainer. Niky spends most of his spare time playing & creating tabletop games. If you're especially unlucky you can also catch him doing stand-up comedy in the city.

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