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The Task

With the Euro Championships scheduled for summer 2020, Parkhouse were working with Kelloggs to create a campaign that tied in with football fever and got fans engaging with the Pringles brand. The idea was a fun football-themed AR experience that could be triggered from points of sale in retail outlets.

Having partnered with Parkhouse before, we teamed up with them again to help provide the AR specialism. In this case it was web AR, which has one big advantage: users can access the experience instantly over WiFi. Our challenge was to create a short branded penalty shoot out game that works effectively using just an internet browser and a smartphone.

The Process

We designed, built and animated a footballer player, football and pitch that triggered from a specially designed POS with two AR markers: a QR code that launched the experience and a tracking marker to keep the experience in place. The aim of the game is for players to try to score a goal against the Pringles goalie. The player has several options of how to kick, which they can control by tapping the screen. If they score a goal, the animated player celebrates in different ways, from a slide to a robot dance – and at every stage the player can hear the cheers from the crowd, drumming up that stadium-like atmosphere. At the end of the experience, the player is offered the chance to win football prizes in line with the Pringles promotion – creating a fun and engaging experience through web AR.

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