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The Task

Every year, Grand Vision hold a three-day conference for all their companies at the Ritz-Carlton  Abama, Tenerife, exploring the very latest in ophthalmology technology, solutions and more. They wanted to include a fun piece of technology for attendees to play around with in between seminars and sessions. So we suggested an AR mirror to allow attendees to try on multiple different pairs of glasses, take selfies and send them to their friends.

The Outcome

With just a few weeks to turn the project around, we went for the most practical approach: an iPhone X and a touchscreen TV. The phone supplied the face scanning technology and we built a back end system that mapped the specific glasses, which we 3D modelled from scratch, onto the face. We then designed a range of amusing Snapchat-style photo frames that the user could add to their photo and email to themselves – all using the interface on the touchscreen TV. Displayed in the main conference centre at the hotel, the ‘Magic Mirror’ drew in crowds – keeping them entertained between sessions.

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